Why most people select a Gold Medal Popper?
Shown below are six reasons why more people select Gold Medal Poppers.
  1. EZ Kleen
    • Whoever cleans your kettle will appreciate the stainless steel cook surface. Don't buy a small popper which does not have EZ Kleen.  Cleaner kettles make better tasting popcorn and sell more popcorn.
  2. Brute Force Motor
    • Larger, more powerful drive motors are a way of life in Gold Medal poppers.  From the smallest Titan to the Cornado, you'll find motors 33% more powerful than the competition
  3. Twin Arm Kettle Suspension
    • Virtually all Gold Medal machines feature the double-hung twin arm kettle suspension.  The ultimate in operation safety.  No accidental oil spills and more working room in the cabinet.
  4. Big Eye
    • From the 12oz. up to the 66oz. the "Big Eye" Electronic Heat Control automatically helps you produce better popcorn and sell 40% more. Patented! Authentic Gold Medal Exclusive. Beeps when kettle is ready to start popping and beeps when you should dump the kettle. Helps reduce the change of burning a batch of popcorn.
  5. Flexi Pop
    • This option gives you "two poppers in one." On the slow days, pop perfect corn in half batches. On busy weekends, flip the switch and pop twice as much every three minutes. People buy more corn when they are able to see it pop.
  6. Fire Suppression
    • Theatres, Arenas and stadiums need the protection that comes from fire suppression. The Gold Medal Fire Suppression System cost about $3,000 per machine, installed, setup and tested versus costly vent hoods and fire drops.