Cretors History
It began over 100 years ago when a gentleman had a vision to adapt an ancient process to meet the needs of modern tradesmen.  Little did he know that his vision would lead to a revolution that continues today.  His concepts and designs set the foundations for both modern foodservice and food processing industries as we know them today.  Long considered the cornerstone in the industry, C. Cretors & Company, designs and manufactures equipment that provides solutions.
Foodservice Equipment:
Cretors' original business was based on serving the needs of street vendors and concessionaires in the late 1800's.  Charles Cretors designed a patented the first steam driven popcorn popper machine that popped corn in oil.  Today, the Foodservice Equipment division has expanded to include cotton candy, warmers, dispensing systems, and other specialty equipment.
Food Processing Systems:
In 1967, Cretors introduced a continuous production line featuring a hot air fluidized bed oven for popping corn.  Originally designed to meet the growing demands for high volume popcorn production, Cretors' production line was quickly adapted to produce other snack foods, cereals, and specialty products.  This production line was the first of its kind, and revolutionized high-volume popcorn production.
Krispy Kist Products:
The Krispy Kist Products division, began in 1933 and acquired in 2001, rounds out Cretors product lines with equipment that produces caramel and savory coated popcorn, and roasted products.
The core values of quality craftsmanship and technical innovation that guided Charles Cretors more than 5 generations ago continue to be the hallmark of all Cretors' products today.  The engineers and designers in these divisions continually dedicate themselves to developing new equipment design while striving for product excellence.
We Invented the Business of Popping Corn
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