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Giant Cleaning Kit

Cretors has developed a cleaning kit for your Cretors Giant Popcorn Machine and President Popcorn Machine. The contents of this kit are as follows:
  • High Temperature Flexible Gloves
    • 200°F continuous / 300°F intermit
  • Large 16" Scrub Pads (5 pack)
    • Use when boiling kettle with Inside Kettle Cleaner. Fits inside of kettle.
  • Small Scrub Pad
  • Cleaning Tub
  • Wire Brush
  • Inside Kettle Cleaner 15oz.
    • Inside of kettle (where the popcorn pops)
  • Outside Kettle Cleaner 16oz.
    • Outside of kettle
  • Klean & Shine 10oz
    • Cabinet glass & Cabinet
  • Cretors Plastic Clean & Shine 8oz.
    • All Plastic items: (i.e. front doors)
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