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Vita Mix Portion Contol Blender

Expand your menu and market your company by offering unique signature drinks that can only be made with the PBS.
  • Ice Bin holds over 5 gallons of ice
  • Makes up to 4 drinks at once (60oz.)
  • Buttons 1 through 4 correspond to different drink multiples
  • Drinks are momogenized, not just stirred
  • Buttons A & B available for specialty fresh, frozen fruit, and ice cream drinks
  • "Blend Only" button reconstitutes drinks that have been resting
  • "Shave Only" button adds extra ice
  • Countdown timer lets user see seconds remaining
  • Counter keeps track of machine usage
  • Automatically alerts user to low ice conditions
  • Can be used separately as a variable speed for fresh fruit smoothies, shakes, malts...without the use of the ice shaver
  • Soft start blender reduces splashing
  • Safety interlock prevents injury and will not run unless ice bin cover is in place
  • Bright digital display is easy to read from a distance at any angle
  • Uniquely designed ice bin keeps ice from solidifying
  • Your existing Vita Mix containers can be used with the PBS
  • Includes drain kit with 4' drain hose to accommodate individual installations
  • Buttons click reassuring when pressed
  • Made from same type of sturdy, impact-resistant molded parts from which Vita Mix is famous

Blender Motor: 2+ peak hp motor
Shaver Motor: 1/4 hp permanent magnet motor
120 Volt, 11.5 Amps
Dimensions: 27.5" H x 15" W x 16.5" D
Weight: 65lbs