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Ringmaster 7 Cotton Candy Machine

No Ribbons or Bands on Ringmaster 7 Cotton Candy MachineNo Ribbons or Bands!
The ringmaster is the only commercial cotton candy machine that does not use ribbons or bands. The Cretors stainless steel head comes with a mesh screen containing a custom fitted Incoloy heat element. The Incoloy heat element eliminates the need to replace fragile ribbons and bands and doesn't require the service they need. Motor has shielded ball bearings that protect it from sugar granules. The exclusive head design is easy to clean. All Ringmaster Machines accommodate common table sugar; an essential feature in helping you save on increasing sugar cost.

Ringmaster 7 Cotton Candy Machine Features:

  • 7" Head High Volume Production
    • 15 - 18 lbs per hour
  • Can be used on standard 20 amp circuit
  • Compression spring motor support cannot be stretched out of shape

Every Cretors Cotton Candy machine includes these key elements:

  • Durable Incoloy heating element
  • Wielded stainless steel cabinet
  • Two cabinet handles makes carrying easy
  • Uses standard cotton candy mix or regular granulated sugar
  • Energy efficient

Electrical: 120V / 60HZ; 2250 watts
  Machine: 21"D x 14"W x 18"H
  Bowl: 30"D x 31"W x 12"H

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