Today, virtually all large amusement parks use Flossugar.  However, the professional midway operator who has the time simply adds about one heaping tablespoon or two of Flossine to every 10 lbs. of regular granulated sugar.  Mix thoroughly and it's ready to use.
Flossine has been a favorite of professional Cotton Candy operators since Gold Medal introduced it in 1948.  Flossine absolutely will not clog the ribbon heating elements.  However, be careful of the sugar you mix with - some contain corn starch which will clog the ribbons!  Flossine gives your Cotton Candy the proper look - the proper aroma - and a great taste in every flavor!  Be sure to change colors every time you fill the floss head.  A variety of colors helps you sell more.
1lb. Can

PhotoSKU Flavors1+
 Price Each
 3462 BananaCall For Price
 3453 Blue RaspberryCall For Price
 3459 BubblegumCall For Price
 3452 CherryCall For Price
 3455 GrapeCall For Price
 3466 Green AppleCall For Price
 3457 Lemon YellowCall For Price
 3458 OrangeCall For Price
 3461 Pina ColadaCall For Price
 3451 Pink VanillaCall For Price
 3454 StrawberryCall For Price
 3460 WatermelonCall For Price
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