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25 lb Caramel Corn Cooker & Coater

Diversify your concession business to include caramel corn! Our Caramelizer is a combination cooker and mixer that allows one to easily cook and mix a variety of savory and caramel flavors. Simply add the caramel or savory coating first, cook to desired consistency and immediately add popcorn to be coated. No more fussing with the kettle angle to get perfect coverage.
CMD25 Caramel Cooker & Table:
  • Produces 25 lbs of candy coated corn per hour
  • Can be mounted on existing Cretors popping frame or table
    • Optional built in blowers send cool air up through the perforated stainless steel receiving tray for quicker cooling time
    • Corn chute allows easy transfer of coated popcorn from receiving tray to storage containers

CMD Inside Stir Blades.JPCooker Dimensions: 20"D x 16"W x 28"
Electrical: 120 Volts, 3,000 Watts; 25 Amps

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