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Karamel Baby Caramel Cooker

Be sure to ask for the Caramel Corn Fact Book with your purchase of machine. It has the full story on the Caramel Corn Business. Cooker will produce 2.5 pounds of coated popcorn per patch. Each Caramel Batch will take 20 minutes.
Corn Treat Cooker Features:
  • Space Saver Foot Print
    • reduces space requirements
  • No break up during mixing process
  • Reduce labor cost, and little skill required
  • User friendly operation
    • No burned batches

How to use a Caramel Corn Machine

  1. Dump mix into Caramel Corn Machine
  2. wait for buzzer to sound off
  3. Dump popped popcorn into Caramiler
  4. Spray Free N Easy while machine mixes
  5. Dump Mixed product on table & seperate as it cools
120 Volts, 2,400 Watts; 20 Amp
Dimensions: 21" W x 15" D x 28" H
Yellow Base sold Separately
PhotoSKU Base / Cooling Pan1+
 Price Each
 2626 No / NoCall For Price
 2626-2166 No / YesCall For Price
 2626-2031CC Yes / NoCall For Price
 2626-2031CC-2166 Yes / YesCall For Price