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Fun Spinner Supplies

Truly Washable Poster Paint!
Completely safe for youngsters, our washable poster paint easily washes from skin and most fabrics with a mild soap and water.
100 - 5" x 7" to a pack.  Allows the kids to bring home their Art
Bowl Liners
Corrugated liners help keep your machine clean and user friendly
Paint Bottle Caps
Dispensing the paint into Fun Spinner
Card Frames
100 pack.  Finish the art with a frame to put on the Refrigerator
PhotoSKU unit / Item1+
 Price Each
 7730 Red Washable PaintN/A
 7731 Blue Washable PaintN/A
 7738 100 count / Card FramesN/A
 7739 100 count / 5" x 7" CardsN/A
 7732 Yellow Washable PaintN/A
 7740 12 count / Paint Bottle CapsN/A
 7733 Green Washable PaintN/A
 7737 4 count / Bowl LinersN/A
 7734 Purple Washable PaintN/A
 7735 Orange Washable PaintN/A