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Mach 5 Popcorn Machine  

The Cretors new MACH 5 popper is a truly versatile machine! Beautifully styles, and built to last for generations, this popper draws on Cretors' long tradition of popping technology and joins it with exciting, innovative features. Cretors' exclusive one-piece, automatic lid design, along with the resealable corn bin, will ensure maximum corn expansion. The optional programmable LED sign, which can be customized, will promote additional sales. As your business grows, the oversized cabinet allows you to upgrade to a larger kettle. Cretors' new innovative machine marks not only the fifth generation of Cretors' leadership in the industry, but also the fifth generation of a popular popper. Coupling the expertise of its ancestry and utilizing the benefits of modern manufacturing, this popper is an exciting combination of both the past and the future!

MACH 5 Popper Options
  • 3ft., 4ft., 5ft., & 6ft. cabinets
  • 32oz., 48oz., & 60oz. Kettles
  • One-Pop Control
  • One-Pop Control with Counter
  • Salt Sugar Switch
  • All Stainless Steel Kettle
  • Integrated Pump (liquid oil only)
  • Pop It N' Top It
  • Bin Elevator
  • Ventless Hood
  • Bag Filler
  • LED Programable Sign
  • Back Lit Florescent Sign
  • Neon Sign
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