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6' Twin Diplomat with Roc N' Roll

Popcorn transport at its best! Scooping and moving popcorn from poppers to various warmers located in a concession area using plastic bags is awkward, increase breakage and is unsanitary. Cretors exclusive design combines a popcorn machine that pops and dumps corn directly into a mobile warming bin. The warming bin unplugs from the popper site, rolled and docked into the serving site for continous warming. Purchase additional warmers for several serving locations
Cretors Popcorn Machine Standard Features:
  • Internal halogen lighting
  • stainless steel or nickel plated, all steeel kettle resist corrosion
  • Direct drive agitator provides longer motor like with no expossed gears to replace
  • lighted rocker switches indicate component operation
  • Single thermostat accurately controls kettle temperature for optimum popping
  • Cycling pilot light indicates thermostat is operational and is ready for production
  • Exclusive counter balance kettle dump and return system
  • Kettle cover automatically lifts (and indicates a batch is done) to allow popped corn to exit kettle, maximizing popcorn expansion and profits
  • Equipped for automatic oil pump
  • Two stage charcoal exhaust system efficiently eliminates smoke and grease
  • Circulating hot air Cornditioner system keeps popcorn dry and crisp

Cretors Equipment Options for Headliner

  • Salt/Sweet Switch
    • requires salt/sweet pump
  • One Pop Control
  • One Pop Control with Counter
  • Fluorescent Sign
  • Red Neon Sign
  • ANSUL Fire Suppression
  • Stainless Steel Kettles 32oz. & 60oz.
  • Disposable Filter
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