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Pop Clean Popcorn Machine

Here is the world's first "clean air" high capacity popper. Stream smoke and oil capors created in the popping process are trapped and filtered out! Only that beautiful popcorn aroma escapes in to the atmosphere.
What does CEDNPFZ stand for?
  • "C" is for the Pop Clean Kettle
  • "E" is for the electronic Big Eye
  • "D" is for the deep well
  • "N" is for the neon sign
  • "P" is for the pass through option
  • "F" is for fire suppression
  • "Z" is for Flexi Pop
Pop Clean filter 2Pop Clean top filter.jpg
Pop Clean Switches.jpg
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 2975CED Big Eye, Deep WellCall For Price
 2975CEDF Big Eye, Deep Well, Fire SuppressionCall For Price