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3' Headliner Popcorn Machine

The luxury version of the Diplomate is available in 20oz., and 32oz. sizes.
Headliner Exclusive Standard Features:
  • Stainless steel cabinet with rounded corners
  • 360 degree merchandising and accent fluorescent lights on all sides

Cretors Popcorn Machine Standard Features:

  • Internal halogen lighting
  • stainless steel or nickel plated, all steeel kettle resist corrosion
  • Direct drive agitator provides longer motor like with no expossed gears to replace
  • lighted rocker switches indicate component operation
  • Single thermostat accurately controls kettle temperature for optimum popping
  • Cycling pilot light indicates thermostat is operational and is ready for production
  • Exclusive counter balance kettle dump and return system
  • Kettle cover automatically lifts (and indicates a batch is done) to allow popped corn to exit kettle, maximizing popcorn expansion and profits
  • Equipped for automatic oil pump
  • Two stage charcoal exhaust system efficiently eliminates smoke and grease
  • Circulating hot air Cornditioner system keeps popcorn dry and crisp

Cretors Equipment Options for Headliner

  • Salt/Sweet Switch
    • requires salt/sweet pump
  • One Pop Control
  • One Pop Control with Counter
  • Stainless Steel Kettles 32oz.
  • Disposable Filter
  • Shown on optional 3' stainless base

Popcorn Machine Dimensions: 28"D x 36"W x 47"H
Popcorn Machine & Base Dimensions: 28"D x 36"W x 74"H
Electrical: 120/208-240V/60HZ & 230/380V/50HZ; 4,200 Watts

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