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Glacier Ground

There's just one way to profit from today's hottest beverage trend.  Introduce your customers to the Glacier Ground Brand!  Our frozen cappuccinos and smoothies will do more to increase your beverage station sales, with unprecedented merchandising support design to pull customers in and great flavours to bring them back again and again.
Harlan's Glacier Ground Frozen Cappuccino (6 bags / 1.54lbs each)
#C8860 - French Vanilla
#C8861 - Mocha
Harlan's Glacier Ground Frozen Smoothies (6 bags / 1.9lbs each)
#C8864 - Strawberry Banana
#C8862 - Orange Mango

Mixing Instructions: Dissolve package contents in 64 fl. oz. warm water. Fill to 1 gallon with cold water.  Add to Slush Machine.
Yield: 135-152 fl.oz. frozen product