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Three Tier Hot Dog Griller

The serious Hot Dog location offers at least three or four different types of Hot Dogs. Eliminate the confusion and the messy roller tubes by seperating! 20" heated tube length. Separate heat controls for each set of 5 rollers. Seperate motor switch for all 3 tiers. The #8123 is not only a space saver, but increases your total sales capacity and, gives you more "customer choice." Ideal for convenience stores with self-serve sneeze guard.
Three Tier Hot Dog Grill Features:
  • Capacity
    • 60 - 1/8lb 5" Hot Dogs
    • 45 - 1/4lb 6" Hot Dogs
  • Stainless Steel roller and end caps
    • Easy to clean - Hot soapy water and rag
  • Position drive
  • 3 seperate ON/OFF switches to operate the 3 sets of 5 rollers
  • New recessed front heat control knobs
    • Keeps juices away
  • Teflon bearing at roller end
    • Keeps juices out of motor compartment
  • Available Sneeze Guard
  • UL, CUL, CE, and NSF listed
  • Cooking Time: 10 - 12 minutes
Grill Dimensions: 26"W x 26"D x 26"H
Bun Warmer Dimensions:
Electrical: 120 Volt, 1,740 Watts, 15 Amps
PhotoSKU Bun Warmer1+
 Price Each
 8123 NoCall For Price
 8123-8117SPL YesCall For Price
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