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Open Top Stadium 5 foot President Popcorn Machine

Everything about the Open Top President suggests, "Wouldn't some fresh, hot popcorn taste good right now?" Designed to be up front where the action is, the Open Top President will work twice as hard as you. The aroma works fist, enticing customers the second they walk in. Then, the sparkling glass cabinet--trimmed in an attractive new red popcorn sign--shows your customers an abundance of huge, fluffy kernels. And if anyone could resist that, the power of suggestion should do the trick. The sheer number of people lined up for popcorn will let everyone know just how good it tastes. And with an 80% plus margin, you'll be tasting success.
Open Top Stadium President Popcorn Machine Features:
  • Tempered Safety Glass
  • Stainless Steel Base
  • Serving Shelf with space for the Topper Butter Dispenser
  • Deep Recessed Storage Bin for storing popped corn
  • Stainless Steel, Covered, 50lb. capacity Raw Corn Bin
  • Nickel plated, All-Steel 48, 32, or 20oz. Kettles
  • Equipped for Automatic Oil Pump.  Note: Pumps sold separately
  • 1,250 Watts of heating power to keep popped corn warm
  • Locking Casters
  • Complete Accessory Kit
Dimensions: 28"D x 60"W x 70"T
Electrical: 120/208V or 120/240V, 60 Cycle, Single Phase
32oz: 6,250 Watts
48oz: 8,000 Watts
60oz: 8,000 Watts
Capacity of Twin President Popcorn Machine
32oz = 640 one ounce servings
48oz = 960 one ounce servings
60oz = 1,200 one ounce servings
PhotoSKU Kettle Size1+
 Price Each
 PR20D1X-5SXX-X 20 oz.Call For Price
 PR32D1X-5SXX-X 32 oz.Call For Price
 PR48D1X-5SXX-X 48 oz.Call For Price
 PR60D1X-5SXX-X 60 oz.Call For Price
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