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Super Floss Maxx Cotton Candy Machine

Maximum Cotton Candy production on a 15 Amp line! When you are selling all the floss you can make and don't have additional electricity, the Super Floss Maxx will give you more sales per hour than any other machine! A really high output machine suitable for operation on almost any 15 Amp line.
Super Floss Maxx Cotton Candy Machine Features:
  • Whirlwind Band & Ribbon Assembly
  • 1/10 Horsepower Motor
  • Fluffier Cotton Candy
  • More Yield per pound of sugar
  • Specially Patented High Performance Floss Head
  • Aluminum Floss Pan
One word of caution - Don't use high wattage heating elements - use special Floss heating elements. The wattage has been reduced so that you can plug in on a 15 Amp line. 
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