One Step Belvarian Belgian Waffle Mix

The world's most popular mix. Just add water. Sure, the most deluxe mix is not the cheapest, but it's the best. It creates a "come back for seconds" attitude out on the midway. Mix contains "certified Salmonella free" powdered eggs. Just add water and then take the profits.
  1. PLACE 2/3 of the water in a bowl and add mix
  2. BLEND thoughly using a wire whisk
  3. GRADUALLY add remaining water while blending to a uniform batter
  4. LET batter rest for 10 minutes; then blend again
  5. DEPOSIT on seasoned waffle baker
    1. Bake 3.5 to 4 minutes
  6. Use our Seas-N-Kleen every 3 to 5 waffles to keep grips coated for easy waffle removed.
    1. Don't over-oil grids with butter or vegetable oil

   Large Batch  Small Batch
 Waffle Mix  5 lb. Bag  4 Cups
 Water  11 - 12 Cups  3 Cups
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