Flavacol Popcorn Salt

If you want to sell more popcorn, Flavacol can be your secret ingredient!  Worldwide, more popcorn is popped with Flavacol Seasoning Salt! The reasons are simple. Flavacol users sell more popcorn and therefore make more money!
Flavacol's superiority starts with the salt itself - a special Alberger Process salt that contains 130 million flakes per pound. The fine salt flakes stick to popcorn, whereas a ground salt will tend to fall off. The Alberger Process also removes trace minerals which lead to a bitter taste if too much is used. 

World's Most Popular Seasoning Salt Because:

  • "Alberger Process" salt is a finer flake, not a crystal
  • More of a "salt" sensation with less sodium
  • A far better butter flavor than any other brand
  • Available in handy quart size cartons or 50 lb. bulk pack.
  • Contains right amount of Yellow #5 and #6

50lb. Flavacol Popcorn Salt

PhotoSKU Case / Carton1+
 Price Each
 2045 12 / 35 oz. / 35oz.Call For Price
 2100 50 lbs. / 35oz.Call For Price
 2045S 1 / 35 oz. / 35oz.Call For Price
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