Glaze Popcorn

Now, with GLAZE POP, you can coat your popcorn with a molten sugar glaze directly in the kettle as the popcorn pops. No separate coating machine needed. GLAZE POP contains a special ingredient which bonds sugar and oil together to guard against burning.

Directions: Frosted Popcorn is easy to make with GLAZE POP. Use regular amount of raw popcorn and oil (use white oil). Do not use popcorn seasoning salt. USE MEASURE OF GLAZE POP EQUAL TO HALF THE QUANITY OF CORN. (For example, use 4oz. Glaze Pop in 8oz. kettle; 6oz. Glaze Pop in 12oz. kettle).
GLAZE POP COOKS DIRECTLY IN KETTLE. Put oil in kettle, allow to melt and get hot. Add measure of corn - slowly add measure of GLAZE POP.
Let pop and DUMP CORN PROMPTLY. Do not wait until last kernel is popped. Make sure ALL corn is out of kettle. This prevents burning. Repeat for additional batches, always making sure oil is melted before adding corn and GLAZE POP.

PhotoSKU Flavor / Carton1+
 Price Each
 2525 Caramel / 28 oz.Call For Price
 2521 Cherry / 28 oz.Call For Price
 2524 Blue Raspberry / 28 oz.Call For Price
 2522 Grape / 28 oz.Call For Price
 2526 Red Cinnamon / 28 oz.Call For Price
 2523 Chocolate / 26 oz.Call For Price
 2538 Pop N Glaze / 28 oz.Call For Price