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Auto Breeze Cotton Candy Machine

Best cotton candy machine for any rental business! No more operator error. One switch operation for perfect cotton candy every time.
Auto Breeze Features:
  • Large Tubular Heat Element
    • 1,500 watt element
  • Single switch operation
  • Automatic heat adjustment
    • perfectly adjusts the voltage to make perfect cotton candy
  • Automatic cooling cycle to prevent spinner head clogging
    • When turned off the spinner head continues to run without heat for one minute. Unplugging machine voids this feature.
  • Spinner head is 50% larger than the Breeze Cotton Candy Machine
  • Powerful 1/5 Hp spinner head motor

Electrical: 120 Volt, 1,440 Watts; 12 Amps

PhotoSKU Plastic Double Bubble1+
 Price Each
 3052 NoCall For Price
 3052-3943 ClearCall For Price
 3052-3944 PinkCall For Price
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