Four Wheel Wagon

Standard Four-Wheel Red Antique Wagon Base Features:
  • Accommodates all small concession poppers
  • Welded construction only
  • Large storage space
  • Optional nostalgic canopy

Cretors Popcorn Machines that fit

  • Goldrush, Antique Goldrush
  • T-2000, Antique T-2000
  • T-3000, Antique T-3000, T-3000 Plus
  • Profiteer
  • Any machine that is 22"D x 48"W or smaller

Dimensions: 76"D x 150"W x 85"H

PhotoSKU Canopy1+
 Price Each
 4WWS-X NoCall For Price
 4WWS-X-91345 YesCall For Price
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