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Flo-Thru 80 Hot Air Popper

Originally designed for snack food plants, the Model 80 Continuous Hot Air Popper is gaining popularity among retail stores and large concessions areas
Flo-Thru 80 Hot Air Popper:

  • Production capacity of 80lbs of raw corn per hour
  • Automatic continuous dry popper with Cretors patented hot air suspension system
  • Popcorn kernels are popped in a steady current of hot air where they are uniformly heated to popping temperature
  • Built in shifter removes unpopped and undersized kernels
  • Digital temperature control allows the operator user to set an exact temperature for the best popping efficiency depending on the grade and corn hybrid being used
  • Combined the Model 80 with a Cretors 100lb Caramelizer for a dependable popping plant to create a variety of popcorn batches using savory and caramel coatings

Flo-Thru 80 Front.jpgElectrical: 240 Volt, 12,000 Watts; 50 Amps
Dimensions: 71"D x 44"W x 60"H

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